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Simplify the Online Order and Table Reservation Process to Boost Your Sell

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Online Order & Table Reservation


Receive orders on your phone/tablet

Receive instant push notifications on your Android or iOS device every time your customers place an order or book a table. Ka-ching!

table reservation system for restaurants

Table reservation function is included. No additional cost per guest or booking. Fill those empty seats without actually spending a dime. Gallop your way to success.

Easy pre-order; Pleasant dine-in experience

Increase your guest capacity (& show up rate) by enabling your clients to order delicious food in advance. So they can find the steaming hot food waiting for them.And not the other way around.

Increase the productivity of your front-line staff

With our free table reservation system for restaurants, everything will run like clockwork:
  • Your staff will know exactly what to expect
  • Your clients will enjoy an enhanced dining out experience
These are the essentials of getting repeat business.

How our table reservation system works

You can enable your clients to make easy online reservations, by adding a simple widget on your website. Then, you confirm all bookings by using our free order taking app.That you can install on any smartphone or tablet of your choice.